The Running Company

The Running Company - Australian specialists in providing the best shoes for every runner with their unique Gait Analysis technology. This video shows a "run through" of their store experience at one of the many Melbourne locations. The music for this song needed to fit in with the overall experience of the Gait Analysis and that means running on the treadmill. The average speed for a quick jog is 140 steps a minute, so we started with a 140 bpm tempo and went from there! Bespoke music by Yourdio

Everything else you need to know

Typical turnaround time for any given project is 48hr, there is unlimited revisions for 5 days because if we can’t find success in that amount of time then you will be refund you the total amount.

No credit needs to be given for any project or individual composer/artist – you’re welcome to credit Yourdio but it’s not necessary.

This really is the perfect alternative. If you’re spending more than $2,500 on a music budget get in touch  because without having to pay publishers, music supervisors and royalties you will save so much. Plus the Yourdio artists are being valued appropriately and have opportunities to work direct with the client.

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