MENDL | Lifestyle Apparel & Mental Health Awareness

MENDL is a Melbourne-based apparel company, a not-for-profit who contributes their profits to Men’s Mental Health causes here in Australia. They utilise music for their marketing campaigns across social media and website advertising, as well as a part of their interview series they conduct called MENDL JOURNALS.

Mark & Mitch, the founders of MENDL, wanted to create music that embodies their brand with was an extension of their own music tastes. They are trying to make conversations about Mental Health more accessible and normalise these conversations, plus approach it with a positive energy that sometimes eludes the world of Mental Health.

Their audio branding assets come from their original composition “Call Me When It Rains” and we have created numerous assets of various lengths for their different marketing platforms. In addition, some alternate instrumentation versions that are different but still orbit the original song mean they have many options for audio, all of which are consistent with their brand and will spark the recognition & recall in their community. All for a good cause, and a nice folky track.


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